Anand / @luckydev

HappyFox iOS app

HappyFox is widely popular Online customer support helpdesk. I created the first version of its Official iPhone app.
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Wonderful Day

It's an iPhone app that can help you achieve your daily goals. I'm the lead developer in the project. This app was featured in popular productivity websites like LifeHacker. See more

Ruby on Rails

I contribute code to Ruby on Rails web framework, whenever I get some free time.
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DoAttend is an event registration service. It manages event registrations and ticket sales across the globe. I lead the core development team of DoAttend.
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Fileshare is a short-time file sharing service. I created this to satisfy my own needs in projects.
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GoShortener is a ruby gem for shortening long URLs using service. I created this for Fileshare.
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helptext.js is a handy jquery plugin to put in-field help text inside HTML form elements. Created it just for fun :)
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Gyst is a Nigerian local search application. I worked on it for about 5 months.
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